A Close-up Kinda Guy by Paul Harris


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When Paul Harris teaches you to become a CLOSE-UP KINDA GUY, you'll learn weird and secret things that will inspire you to shuffle your very own fingers into a deck, produce an impromptu pyramid right out of the pack, discover chocolate in a borrowed coin, unscrew your deck like a custom pool cue, and pick-up some of the most beautiful women in the world with a seductive presentation of the double lift. If you're the KINDA GUY who wants to experience Whirlpool-the most diabolical destruction of a card since Cardboard Connection. -or- If you're the KINDA GUY who's determined to learn "A Simple Switch"-the most extravagant flourish for making two cards change places ever devised. -or-If you're simply the KINDA GUY who wants to be near the kinda guy who creates, performs and writes the kinda close-up that'll put a song in your heart, a smile on your face, and a party in your close-up case... then-You're the KINDA GUY who won't be happy until he personally owns and jealously guards these secrets.