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Products Description

E3ECRETS is exactly that, three professional grade secrets that allow you to reveal thought of numbers, words and drawings. The soft focus of this manuscript is to explore how we reveal information and these approaches teach you a number of surprising, exciting and useful ways to do so.
‘Credit’ was born out of a routine that featured in Chris’ second printed book Roulette. Here and for the first time you’ll learn not just this amazing method for secret obtaining numbers from a bank card that you never see or touch, but all the key details that take this smart secret and elevate it into a professional stage routine. Here Chris tips his script, staging and the methods at play that allow you to fill an entire stage with an engaging and amazing presentation with minimal advanced preparation or effort. This is worth the price of admission alone.
‘Flutter’ allows you to create a moment of amazing coincidence even though the spectator does all the work, this is the perfect coffee shop mentalism routine.
UYOW - teaches you how to take a single business card and your regular billfold wallet, and without any customisation at all, be able to use the wallet as a peek wallet. Two approaches are explored here, this should get your imagination swimming with potential.
Bonus - Not intended to be included but a solid, useful and smart solution to a problem we all have when using a certain method. A beautiful way to justify the existence of a billet or impression device.
“UYOW is one of the cleanest full billet peeks I have ever seen... it's pure liquid gold.” - José Prager