2011 Sean Taylor - No Fail Kid's Magic


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2011 Sean Taylor - No Fail Kid's Magic

* With around 90 mins of LIVE performance!

* Australia's Sean Taylor doesn't hold back!

* Every TIP, GAG, BIT of BUSINESS and TRICK is here.

* LIVE SHOWS from 3 cameras

* DETAILED teaching sessions.

* Tricks you can make at home.

* BONUS segments on Act Structure, Professionalism, Comedy, Business, Preparation, Balloons and much, much more.


Sean, your kid's magic lecture was worth the price of the convention. Joe Lewis

Sean Taylor's lecture on professionalism was worth the trip from New Zealand. - Mike W

Your kid's show footage made me laugh out loud. Good luck with these great DVDs - Bobby Dexter

More Quotes from happy customers worldwide:
"Received No Fail Kids Magic today. Almost done with DVD 1 and it is spectacular. Great material, great performance, great continuity of action. A Kid Show that is fun to watch and looks fun to perform. Thank you for sharing. Just my thoughts" - Via email - Steven Solarzar, California
"Sean Taylor has done all aspiring kid’s show magicians a huge favour by releasing his three DVD set “No Fail Kid’s Show Magic”. The title says it all. Any magician who can’t put an entertaining kid’s show together after watching these three DVDs should get out of the game. It’s all there for you; around 20 excellent routines, lots of entertaining “bits of business”, some excellent balloon models, and lots and lots of excellent advice on all aspects of putting a kid’s show together. Everything you need to know to put on a successful magic show for children. Even if you are an experienced kid’s show magician you will find something of interest in these DVDs (I certainly did).  It was very refreshing to see that Sean has addressed the problem of performing for different age groups. In the first DVD, “The Commercial Show”, Sean performs routines appropriate for the 5 to 8 year olds, while in the second DVD, “Magic for Older Kid’s” he performs a complete show for the more difficult 10 to 12 year old age group. The routines are a good mix of effects using standard props, some not so standard props, and props that you can make for yourself. Each effect that Sean performs is a complete routine which extracts the maximum entertainment value from the props involved. I highly recommend these DVDs to all kid’s show magicians." -Via email -David Jones, June 2010.
"I have just finished watching volume one of Sean Taylors' 3-volume dvd set called "No Fail Kid's Show Magic." I thought it was excellent! I would consider the material in the show to be aimed at younger children. Sean, in his intro, describes himself as following in the tradition of English Pantomime. Sean is very funny and knows his audience. The emphasis is on lots of gags, the tricks, obviously, are secondary. And I found lots of new ideas and gags for my show. Some were wrinkles on existing gag-props, such as the tipple wand, others were classic British bits of business (although Sean is Australian) but which you don't see used by many U.S. performers. I think American magicians who are looking for bits of business, like me, will be richly rewarded by this dvd. I especially enjoyed the opening sequence with a top hat and tipple wand! Again, I highly recommend this tape. I haven't looked at the other two yet, but I am looking forward to viewing them." Via email - Noland, USA

"I have watched the first two DVDs, and have scheduled some time in my diary to watch Disc 3. These are a wonderful set of DVDs. The video quality is excellent, and the teaching is first class. Disclaimer: I do not perform magic for the younger age audiences that are catered to in Discs 1 & 2. However, I enjoyed watching a professional at work, and I most enjoyed the 'bonus' segments at the end of each Disc. The 'bonus' segments have made this purchase worth every penny. I would encourage ALL performers to take note of Sean's tips. They are worthy of being in the forefront of our minds, at all time." Via email - Mysto

Sleeve notes

Sean Taylor is best known as a mentalist but for many years, early in his career, he made a full time living from entertaining children. Sean is a dynamic, quick witted, funny and talented family entertainer. Consequently, he could be found each week working solidly for audiences from the smallest, back yard birthday party up to huge corporate stage shows for all ages. Working in and around small towns, he was forced to constantly develop new material in order to remain current and manage repeat bookings.


The DVDs in this series contain over 30 different tricks, routines and effects. You will see them performed livefor an audience of excitable and ebullient kids and then, aside from explaining the effects, Sean also details the secrets behind the tricks. He covers in depth the kinds of things you should consider when entertaining kids with tips, gags, lines, bits of business and advice gleaned from years of live performance.


Volume 1 - The Commercial Show


In this show, Sean performs a group of tricks which formed the backbone of his working act for more than 15 years. The show packs small but is big enough to play for the largest of crowds.

-Introduction to the series

-The LIVE Show



1. The Tippy Wand and Opera Hat

2. The Professor's Wands

3. The Decoration Box

4. Doggy Bag and Snap Gag

5. Uncle Charlie's Night Cap

6. Loopy Loops

7. The Change Bag

8. The Breakaway Wand


*Bonus Segment*


How to structure a kid's show.

Playing Time 85mins


Volume 2 - Magic for Older Kids


In this volume, Sean performs a series of tricks for a group of kids between 10 and 12 years old. He then details the methods and his thinking behind working for this tricky age group. The effects are fun and direct but allow the kids to feel more like young adults. The bonus segments contain some very solid advice on how to set up, prepare and think more deeply about your magic.



The Live Show


1. The Rope with 6 ends and Pom Pom Stick

2. The Magic Lesson

3. The Sponge Balls

4. Cards Across

5. Blendacious


*Bonus Segments*


What is Funny

Handling Assistants

Set Up and Preparation


Make It Magical

Make It Special


Playing Time 75mins


Volume 3 – Magic Shop Magic
In this volume, Sean shows many standard items you can find in a magic shop. He has taken them and wrung every last bit of fun and business out of them and he takes you through this process. The show also features some fun balloon models and gags which are a bit out of the ordinary. Learn how to make them but also how to get entertainment and laughs from the balloon making process.
The Show
1. Rabbit in Hat Silks
2. Flower Maker Tube
3. Double Colour Change Silks
4. Colouring Book
5. Chameleon Streamer
6. The Switch Box
*Bonus Segment* The Balloons
Using Balloons in Magic
Monkey in a Palm Tree
Two Balloon Flower
Fish on a Rod
Playing Time 65mins
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