2010 TMA Magic Convention


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2010 Taiwan TMA Magic Convention Magic Conference Commemorative DVD
The contents of the DVD include the highlights of the stage competitions, awards, seminars, guest shows, etc. The performances of each contestant and guest are included in the DVD, which is about two hours long.
Winning list
Stage magic game
Champion: Liu Daquan
Runner-up: Liu Qitang
Second Runner-up: Li Zebang
Stage Magic Invitational
Champion: Huang Bohan
TMA Special Award: Chen Risheng, Yu Ho Jin (Korea)
RIC Special Award (Guest): Huang Bohan
Busan BIMF Special Award (Guest): Chen Risheng
Busan BIMF Special Award (enter): Shang Enrui, Chen Bingzhen
UGM Special Award (Guest): Li Anxuan
Italian Special Award (enter): Chen Baihong, Liu Daquan, Yu Ho Jin (Korea)
Magic Castle Special Award (Guest): Li Anxuan
Close range magic game
Champion: Wu He
Runner-up: He Xinyuan
Second Runner-up: Ong Yu Cheung (HK), Shi Zhenyan
Busan Special Award (enter): Shi Zhenyan
UGM Special Award (enter): Wu He
Italian Special Award (enter): Wu He
Popularity award
Domestic: Li Shengtang
Foreign: Max Maven