$100,000 Location by Jason Ladanye


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$100,000 Location by Jason Ladanye
A pro-caliber showpiece that's easy to learn and proves beyond a doubt that you are a card master.
Jason Ladanye should have called this trick the 1 million dollar location. $100,000 does not do it justice. At the end of this effect you tell a spectator the exact location of one card and the identity of another. Did I mention that you never see the faces of the cards Did I also mention that the spectators select the cards while the cards are in their hands Oh, I'm sure I forget to say that the spectator cuts the cards multiple times changing the order of cards too I guess it probably just sounds too impossible to be believe anyway. Good thing for you, it's all true and all expertly taught by the man himself.
The effect sounds impossible and if you know Jason's reputation with cards I am sure you assume that it's a hard trick to perform Fortunately Jason gave us one of his few easy to do gems that knocks out everyone in the room, including magicians.